DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2012 Plus

DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2012 Plus 12.110

DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2012- PlusFor Business and Custom Mapping
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Using Street Atlas USA 2012 PLUS, the property listings database is imported as a spreadsheet using the XData tool. Each location is accurately displayed on the map, and MapNotes are used to highlight properties that meet the requirements of the client. This powerful yet easy-to-used tool saves time, provides accurate results, and improves the efficiency of the agency.
Comprehensive tools for detailed desktop planning of your vacation or sales trip BEFORE you go, AND for on-the-go traveling using the latest electronic gear.
* Always have the map you need as you travel - for internet connection or cell phone service
* Access 150 million phone and address listings
* Pre-plan your trips with automatic routing and access to over 5 million places of interest
* Create auto club-style travel packages
* Use draw tools to add customized detail
* Import, display, and manage your contact data
* Link photos, documents, and Websites to your map files
* User controls let you override program routing so you can take exactly the roads you want
* Avoid congestion, take back roads, plan side trips
* Use MapShare™ to send maps, routes, directions, and notes to others via a secure Web link
* GPS-Ready! Simply connect a DeLorme Earthmate or other GPS to your laptop
* Hear spoken directions, issue voice commands, get large on-screen directions
* Track your travels using NavMode option with large, easily-accessible user controls and 3-D perspective
* Streamline your routing while on the go with intelligent E-Z Nav wizard
* Print large-format wall maps for high-impact presentations

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